Reborn Cabinets

Anaheim, CA

Reborn Cabinets Inc. chose to be a part of Baths for the Brave because it believes strongly in honoring military veterans. Vince and Anthony Nardo are brothers who inherited Reborn Cabinets from their father, who served in the U.S. military. They understand the sacrifices that are made when someone chooses to serve, which is why they selected Ronald Bobincheck as a veteran who will receive a new shower on Nov. 8 as a part of the Baths for the Brave event. To learn more about Bobincheck, see his story below.



Ronald Bobincheck

United States Army Veteran

Ronald Bobincheck is originally from Grindstone, Pennsylvania. He served in the U.S. Army from 1959 to 1962 where he was stationed in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, Karls Rue and Germany.

During his time in Germany, Bobincheck was stationed where they were building the Berlin Wall when the Russians put up a road block on the only road to Berlin. Bobincheck and his fellow soldiers were woken in the middle of the night and ordered to hold their positions on the Rhine River to delay the Warsaw Pak for four minutes.

“We knew that there was a chance that we may only live for those four minutes,” explained Bobincheck when recalling the event.

Fortunately, Bobincheck made it out of Germany and back home to his wife and three kids, but he understands all-too-well how short life is. He lost one of his sons in a tragic vehicle accident, which has taken a toll on Bobincheck and his wife.

“It means a lot to be helping those who’ve done so much already for our country,” said Anthony Nardo, chief financial officer for Reborn Cabinets in Anaheim, California. “The Bobincheck family has already gone through so much and our hope is that this shower remodel will help put a bright spot in their lives.”

Currently Bobincheck is working as a bakery manager, but he says being chosen for Baths for the Brave has given him a renewed sense of hope.

“There is now hope for the U.S. private citizens to take care of veterans. This helps me know that as I continue to age, I will be able to care for myself and preserve my dignity, as a man, longer,” Bobincheck said.


“There is now hope for the U.S. private citizens to take care of veterans. This helps me know that as I continue to age, I will be able to care for myself and preserve my dignity, as a man, longer.”

– Ronald Bobincheck


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